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Sniper Shots Photography and Video consist of two members, Marlon Greaves (Photographer/Graphic designer) and Brandon Benoit (Videographer / Photographer / Graphic designer). This dynamic duo was blessed with eyes for photography & video, making their coalition steps ahead of their competitors. Not only are they blessed with their talents, both Marlon & Brandon have enormous passion for their trade which radiates on their finished products keeping their clients well pleased with a job well done.With both experience and education in their background, the duo equipped themselves with the innovative programmes and editing systems to keep their work in sync with their talents, always striving for perfection.
Within the Dynamics of the unorthodox production team, their rapport extends from working on Music videos with Caribbean Soca sensations Marshall Montano and Niki Crosby to taking pics at popular night clubs within and about the Tri-State. Marlon, a US Special Forces veteran and Brandon a graduate of Rowan University in Radio, TV & Film; combine their experience and knowledge which projects on their finished products. Both laid back and cool guys when it comes to socializing but ambitious and focused when it comes to their work.

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